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Pisa, 10 August: interruption in the flow of water from 6.00AM to 8.00PM

We would like to inform you that the City of Pisa in the next days will undergo important works on its water system.
On 10 August these works will cause an interruption in the flow of water from 6.00AM to 8.00PM.

The interruption is necessary to carry out a complex operation fundamental for the main pipes that supply water to the city of Pisa.
These works cannot be postponed and are urgent, and it has been decided to do them in this period for the favorable weather conditions and for the decrease in water consumption due to schools, universities and many offices and companies closed for the summer holidays.
In order to lessen the inconvenience, the Acque Spa workers will begin to work on the pipeline already on Wednesday 9 August (therefore, from 10.00PM there will be less pressure) and continue during the night and the following day, Thursday 10 August (during which there should be the interruption from 6.00AM). In collaboration with the Municipality of Pisa and the Civil Protection there will be an alternative supply of water for hospitals and similar structures and other supply points (with tank trucks and plastic bags with water) will be guaranteed around the city.
You can find these supply points here:

Please take note that the works may cause water turbidity for few hours after the conclusion.

We understand that these works will cause inconvenience especially for the many tourists that are present in this period in our beautiful city.
We apologize and would like to assure you that we will do all that is possible to minimize the inconvenience.
We are working to guarantee a more efficient water supply system for our citizens and all our guests.


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